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Josh Higgins

Hi my name is Josh Higgins and I am the one man operation that is HMD Stuff & Thangs. HMD is the home for my design, illustration, artwork, and other thangs that I make and create. My work revolves heavily around connecting people through shared experience, regional culture, and old-fashioned play.

When I'm not making stuff and thangs I can be found designing and building websites at Spindletop Design, refereeing at Doomsday Wrestling as my alter ego Marvin Gardens, dancing at Barbarella or Numbers with my top secret dance crew, or doing random handstands..


My first steps into the world of art and design started with making a logo and fliers for my high school emo band in the early 2000's. Although my band went no where, my art & design skills went a bit further and I've been designing professional since 2011.

Past Exhibitions & Shows

  • 2017 - Give Props Group Show
  • 2017 - Cheap Date 3 Group Show
  • 2016 - Brilliant Disguise Group Show
  • 2016 - Day of the Dead Rock Stars Group Show
  • 2016 - Cheap Date 2 Group Show
  • 2016 - Sketch Em All Group Show
  • 2016 - Punch a Higher Floor Group Show
  • 2016 - It Came from the Bayou Group Show
  • 2016 - Sticky Fingers Group Show
  • 2016 - La Reina Selena Group Show
  • 2015 - Day of the Dead Rock Stars Group Show
  • 2015 - Food Doodz Group Show
  • 2015 - HOUphoria Solo Show
  • 2015 - Bettie Page: The Electric Lady Group Show
  • 2014 - Day of the Dead Rock Stars Group Show
  • 2013 - Day of the Dead Rock Stars Group Show


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    If you would like to feature my work in your publication or have a project in mind for me feel free to contact me! 

    If you would like to feature my work on your fridge just like my mom, head to the shop!

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